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White Sands


The Book

The SOTH Initiative: Book One
A Best Selling Classic By Dean Brior !
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Dean Brior

and was blessed to serve as God opened doors. It was during this time between jobs that I wrote the first book in the SOTH Initiative. The book flowed out of me as I felt led to share the truths that were communicated through the action and intrigue surrounding the characters in the book. I had never written a book before and did not know how to develop characters or maintain timelines and plot development.  I certainly didn’t understand editing a book and all that goes into creating a coherent story for people to enjoy. I firmly believe God directed my fingers to write these books over the past four years.

In January of 2020, we moved down to Winston Salem to be closer to our grandkids and family. When COVID hit that year I was left with no job, no home, and no future. I started book two in August of 2019. I wrote about a worldwide pandemic 4 months before it actually happened! The books were prepared to be released in the spring of 2020, but COVID changed our plans as we couldn’t afford to pay the cost to publish the books at the time. As of January of 2022, book two is preparing to release this spring.

Nance and I enjoy our home in Pfafftown, and are thankful for the friends and family He has blessed us with. I plan to obey Gods call to write, teach, counsel and lead as He opens doors and brings new books to my mind. I pray that you will be challenged, encouraged, inspired and blessed by the things you find on this site.



The Author

I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia at the height of the drug and alcohol surge that happened in the high schools during the 70’s. I was saved from a life of addiction and self-destruction through a youth ministry called Young Life. There I met a group of students and adults that had created a community of love, support and accountability I had never known before. I experienced Jesus personally and began my journey with him that night in the kitchen of Linda’s house.

I was blessed to win a state wrestling championship which led to a scholarship to UNC Chapel Hill. I got involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and graduated with a degree in education. I taught and coached for several years until I felt the call to full time ministry as the state director of FCA in NC. I was blessed to serve there for 8 years and watch God grow the ministry to over 300 huddles throughout the state.

After we adopted our first child we felt the need to relocate closer to home in Pennsylvania. God provided an opportunity for me to work with a group of Christian men in the orthopedic device market in Lancaster, PA. I spent 25 years in the surgical arena, and was involved in over 10,000 surgeries during that time. I built a distributorship that spanned four states and did 8 million dollars in sales the year we were bought out by the new company. I got to be involved in three churches there in Lancaster, PA...

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The Author Continued

Welcome and thanks for taking time to stop by my website. I have looked forward to sharing my journey with you because it is a journey that began in love and forgiveness, and a journey that continues because of love and forgiveness. We all have a longing to be known, loved, and to have purpose. This longing was built into us by a loving God who desires that every person would know Him personally and powerfully while living here on earth.

The books I write and the blogs I maintain are designed to explore what it means to have a genuine, relevant, and relational experience with God on a daily basis. Consider the implications around the thought “If Jesus is real, this changes everything”.

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, I believe God can meet you there. Religion commands our performance with strict adherence to traditions and compliance.

Relationship starts where you are and grows as each person involved invests the time and energy to grow together for a common goal, knowing and being known. God knows you and desires a relationship with you today. Everything on this site is dedicated to knowing God better,  developing a relationship with Him that is personal, powerful and practical. Thanks for reading the books and blogs. Please bless me by sending a message or asking a question. You are always welcome here.

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