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The SOTH Initiative: Book One

Sect of the Healed Chronicles

What if a group of people existed who were blood relatives of the people Jesus healed? These people became the Sect of the Healed, or the SOTH.
What if those people possessed special powers as a result of a DNA change that occurred as a result of the healing?

What if those people survived the many attempts to wipe them out through the centuries, possessing many of the historical artifacts that would prove that God and the Christian faith was real and relevant?

What if in this moment of time this group were poised to release all of these archeological and written proofs of God and Jesus, exposing the world to all that they had saved and protected down through the centuries?

Come with us as we travel the world with Lindey Batchelor and witness the results when the world hears the message of God evidenced in artifacts like the Ark of the Covenant, the Cross Nails, the lost book of Josephus, the journals of Pilate, and Constantine, as well as many more historical evidence hidden and protected for such a time as this. Experience the brave men and women who attempt to share these archaeological and historical truths with the world while being opposed by those who have worked for centuries to wipe out the SOTH and their message. Experience the history, mystery, intrigue, and spiritual battles as ordinary people overcome extraordinary odds to bring the truth to the world.

The SOTH Series is an action-packed combination of fiction, history, truth, and mystery, following the lives of the people affected by Jesus’ healing touch. This group call the SOTH (Sect Of The Healed) plans to release every major historic artifact and written relic which are relevant to the proof of Jesus’ claims while he was on earth. The Cleansing Group has plans to wipe out the SOTH before they can release the archeological finds to the world. Come with Lindey Batchelor as he is pulled into the hunt, travelling to historical places across the world to meet the SOTH and find his own healing along the way.

Message- This is my first book series for public consumption. I felt led by God to write these books as I hope they will challenge both seekers and believers to pursue a closer relationship with God. The books literally flowed out of me, as the characters developed right in front of me. I don't know how people will respond to the messages God gave me, but it is my prayer that they will challenge the way we view God, and enable people to experience the powerful and personal relationship we all can have with Jesus Christ. Thanks for going on the journey with me.