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CBM Review gives SOTH Initiative Book One a 10 out of 10!

Here is the review that is on my Amazon site!

Title: The SOTH Initiative (Book One)

By: Dean Brior

A CBM Christian Book Review

10.0 out of 10.0+ Stars

The SOTH Initiative (Book One), Sect of the Healed Chronicles by Dean Brior is a fascinating read, full of mystery and intrigue, as one learns the story of the SOTH (Sect of the Healed). These are the direct descendants of the people Jesus healed in the Bible. For an unknown reason, their DNA changed at the moment of healing, and passes down to the generations as special gifts, talents, and strengths. Their Sect (SOTH) has been devout followers of Jesus, as their forefathers witnessed those healing miracles mentioned in the Bible.

The SOTH have also been given a mandate, passed down through the centuries and generations to follow. Their mandate was to preserve, hide, and protect ancient relics, historical documents and artifacts that disprove those who do not believe until the “great revealing”.

Beginning with Johnathan, a SOTH, is running for his life. He is the last known of his family line who have been hunted down for generations. Fast forward to modern day, Dr. Lyndon Johnson Batchelor, called Lindey by friends, is frustrated at the comments left on his blog debating whether God could be God if He came in fleshly form. After receiving a mysterious email from an unknown source, Dr. Lindey embarks on a quest…, a “truth journey” beginning in Lebanon, Connecticut.

Intrigued, Dr. Lindey follows this first clue in a search for truth. Each step of the way, the author unveils faith in Jesus and His miracles as recorded in each of the four gospels found in the Bible. With a keen story-telling ability, coupled with a vast historical and archeological background, readers will not be disappointed! With a touch of relevancy, the author has included the Jihad belief stemming from the Muslim religion and followers that make an interesting plot line.

This is a fast-paced, but not too fast novel, that flips back-and-forth from different ancient timelines to the present blending cyber technology, investigative tracking from the FBI side to DNA espionage – with reality of terrorism threats! The author develops his characters in such a way that they are believable. Each chapter hinges on the other and pieces become a clear picture of the main thread of the novel. With historical places and wonderful descriptions, with great insight, and knowledge from artifacts and archeology, the author unveils the SOTH’s as a heroic sect protecting the integrity of the Christian faith. This is an incredibly creative novel that gives credence to the deity of Christ, stays true to the Gospel of Christ, and gives the readers a narrative of the truth, only in fiction form.

Well done and I look forward to Book Two! I absolutely loved this book. Certainly, all the ingredients in this book would make for a great movie!

Additionally, this is a perfect book to kick off one’s summer reading. You may get your copy of The SOTH Initiative (Book One) at Amazon and in Kindle as a download.

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