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The SOTH Initiative: Book Two

Fallout (Sect of the Healed Chronicles)

The software has been released, the world now knows the truth, and the world is awakened to a new direction. There is a dark force resisting this awakening, one that will work to wipe out the Sect of the Healed who yearn to share the truth with the world. Come with us on a worldwide journey of intrigue, mystery, and miracles as Professor Lindey Batchelor and the SOTH family share their archaeological treasures with the world. You will see what artifacts and literary treasures the world will experience. Many will embrace the truth, but many will seek to snuff it out along with all those associated with the great awakening.

The Soth Initiative is a book about truth, power, resistance to the light, overcoming the darkness, and the power of God living in everyday people. Come with Lindey and his team as they travel the world, rescue the innocent, engage the darkness, and overcome evil to share the truth the world needs to hear.

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